Your Most Important Relationship

//Your Most Important Relationship

When you first came into this world you had no choice but to be dependent on those who looked after you. You rightly had expectations as a baby and child that those you depended on would love you unconditionally, know what you needed and fully understand why you cried or screamed.

Your next stage of development is that of becoming independent. This is the time I am sure you can remember, when you felt you knew everything better than your parents and your peers. It is the time you may have stamped your feet, sometimes literally, or in a more passive aggressive manner by having moods. No matter how you demonstrate your independence this is a time of ‘I’, and a stage of development many never seem to progress beyond. It is typically a time of blaming..

The third level of development in growing up is when you recognise and accept that you are actually inter-dependent. This is when you realise that at all stages of life, and no matter where you are in life, everyone needs someone else to help them survive and grow. That means you need the milkman, the teacher, the dressmaker in India, the carpet fitter, the banker, the farmer, the painter…and so the list goes on. If you live in a society anywhere in the world, you will need other people to help you survive and live the life you desire.

In reality this help that you get from other people is the same at every stage of your development. It is your relationships that influence the way you think and behave.

They determine your lifestyle, your success at work or in business and, more importantly, the environment you live in. That is, until you choose otherwise by taking responsibility for your actions and the choices you make.

Why have I taken you through these three levels of development and the importance of relationships?

As I’ve explained, throughout all three levels of growing up, your whole life is about the relationships you have and how – when you let them – they shape your life.

But of all the relationships you will ever have, the most important is the one that truly has the real power to create the life you want. And that is…

…the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

This is the relationship you have with the holistic you – with your body, mind and the energy or spirit withn you. That includes, of course, the brain that creates your body’s actions.

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