Words And Your Response Ability

//Words And Your Response Ability

The word is a small part of communication and yet there is a perception that people will argue or even kill over words. In reality it is the beliefs attached to words that people fight over.

You see the word and feel the belief you attach to it. Rather than arguing about which word you use, it is best to find words that embrace what you feel you are looking at, what’s behind the word. Your listening skill levels will play a large part in getting past words that imply certain beliefs or trigger an unhelpful response in you.

Focusing on the word is like looking at the light at the end of a tunnel and getting excited, without realising it could be caused by either the sunshine or a train thundering towards you.

For example, if someone talks to you about homosexuality or poverty in your country, what is your level of response ability? Do you respond from love or from fear? Do you want to know what’s causing the light at the end of your tunnel – the sunshine or a train?

What if someone talks to you about their God, or their belief in Jesus? What is your level of response ability? Do you respond to any of these situations positively from love programming, or does your prejudice and fear programming make you react negatively?

What is the belief behind your response ability – is it true, or even real?

Does your reaction/belief help you understand and move forward, or keep you stuck? Do you just look at the light, or try to find out what’s behind it?

Your reaction to words is a sign of your level of response ability. This in turn demonstrates the level of your emotional intelligence. To improve your level of response ability you will need to clear old, unhelpful beliefs, blockages or viruses.

Clinging to fixed, negative/fear beliefs will simply close off the huge power you have available to you.

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