Relationships, Romance And Your Responsibility

//Relationships, Romance And Your Responsibility

Valentines day was a day when you had the opportunity to show your love for someone you secretly fancied. Nowadays whilst that still happens, it is also a time to show your partner that you love them.

There are many signs of people responding from love with flowers, chocolates, cards and even special presents. Occasionally some people respond from fear, especially if one person forgets the occasion.

However the response of fear can be a sign of better things to come, if that fear is faced.

People in difficult relationships can have romantic thoughts and dreams of a change in the relationship at this time. Sadly their expectations can let them down.

People on their own can look almost enviously at couples and wish they had an ideal partner.

Whether you are single or in a relationship always remember the responsibility for how you behave, feel and think is the same for everyone.

Valentines day highlights the importance of knowing that the responsibility for a relationship is not split fifty/fifty as is often thought.

No the responsibility for a truly successful relationship actually falls one hundred percent/one hundred percent, no blame.

In other words each is one hundred percent responsible for their own behaviour, feelings and thought’s. If there is a problem both should look in the mirror and ask “what can I do better?”

If you are alone and wishing for your ideal partner then you are in exactly the same place as someone in a relationship. Ask yourself “What am I doing about it, what can I do better?”

There is someone out there for you and you do deserve them in your life and they deserve you in their life. So who is it?

Have you ever written a list of important things you want your ideal partner to have? Without a list how would you recognize them? If you’re not sure about what you want but are clear about what you don’t want write those down. Once you have a list of don’t wants reverse them and write down the opposites.

Put that list away and get on with your life.

Stop wanting and start living before it’s to late and have faith in yourself and that you will meet the right person.

It may seem to take a while and why not. The more special and unique you are, the more people you need to meet to find a match and if you are not out there living, the longer it may take.

Help yourself and buy a book by Barbara De-Angelis called “Are you the one for me” it explains very well relationship types and how to find the person you are looking for.

If you have already done these things and still find yourself single, BST has the key to unlocking whatever is holding back your ideal partner. Please contact us for more information.

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