How does BST differ from NLP?

BST goes right back to basics and provides solid ground upon which all learning is built. It is like the original DOS system used to build new software for a computer.

Will BST help me with difficult people?

Yes, it will help you identify your role in individual relationships and be equipped with new tools to communicate effectively in each situation. You will learn how you can change your response, which will ultimately influence a change in the people and world around you

How hard is it to use BST?

BST is a simply tool that enables you to recognize your response programming. You will become consciously aware of how you respond to the world around you and be empowered to choose the best response to create the world you dream of.

What makes BST different to other life models?

We live in two worlds – the world of perception and the world of reality. Until now we have only been given one set of rules to use and usually based around right and wrong or good and bad. That’s like playing football using the rules for cricket. BST is a win win life model that empowers you to “play” in both worlds.

Would BST help me with my job?

Absolutely. It will help you in any situation that involves interacting with others. The key is explained in my book Love or Fear and together with the new life tools explained in the book, you will have the knowledge to create the success you deserve.

Do you do workshops were I can learn more about BST?

Yes. By becoming a member of BST you can register your interest in workshops and preferred location to attend an event.

Why does BST work?

BST will give you a new level of thinking that when applied will give you the power to avoid abusive relationships. It will not give you the power to stop other people from abusing.

Do I have to be really clever or qualified to use BST?

BST is explained in “Love or Fear” using plain language and up to date analogies. It is a simple process. If you have any queries or need further help please contact BST via our email address or attend a workshop to receive closer more personal help.

I am a very competitive sports person but am struggling to get to the top of my sport. I have a great coach and work hard with training but just not achieving my goals. Would BST help me?

Yes. You obviously work hard to be successful but something is holding you back. Using BST will help you identify any blockages. You may have some limiting beliefs that by using the key and principles of BST, you will have the knowledge to change.

My life has been turned upside down since my partner left me and I lost my job, can BST sort my life out?

No. It is always sad to read about these challenging times but BST will not sort your life out for you. What it will do is provide you the tools to find a new direction and show you how to move forward.

Whilst I am very successful in my own business and have no money worries, I do not feel fulfilled and find myself stressed out and at times feeling alone. Would your BST philosophy help me change the way I feel?

Congratulations on having a successful business. BST will enable you to recognise your level of response ability and provide you with the tools and knowledge to change the way you feel.