Honesty And Truth

//Honesty And Truth

These two items in the physical world, are not the same thing.

People often believe that because someone is being honest then it must be true.

However that is not always the case.

People can tell you something they honestly believe to be true but that does not make it true.

For example someone my honestly believe they have seen a flying saucer or a ghost and whilst they are being honest, without tangible evidence, then it becomes a belief. The more often someone tells themself that what they saw is true, the stronger their belief becomes.

In time evidence may be forthcoming proving them to be right. When that happens a truth is born along with another ingredient, hindsight. That’s why the physical world is full of perceptions.

Beliefs in the physical world are therefore made up from truths and untruths. To improve the world you live in your role is to work out the truths from the untruths. You do this by asking questions. As you ask questions you gain knowledge you then use that knowledge to gain experience. As you apply your experience you develop wisdom and intuition.

By not questioning things you limit your ability to differentiate the real world from the world of perception, you limit your ability to be intuitive.

With limited intuition and fact based truths you become vulnerable to whatever people throw at you. You are what is referred to as an outside in person. That is a person who’s life is shaped not by themselves bit by everyone around them.

To have power over your life and to shape it as you desire, question anything you don’t understand or doubt and become an inside out person. By your questioning you will help shape the world around you and create the world you desire for yourself.

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