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Why Don’t People Turn Up To Events?

Why don’t people turn up to events? Have you ever found yourself inspired to book to attend a free event and then just not turned up? Have you ever said you would go to a party or meet some friends and then not bothered to go? If you have done this on more than one occasion have you ever questioned why? The reason for this is that there is a part of your subconscious thinking that may be trying to sabotage your life. This is

Easter Message From BST

What is Easter all about – chocolate or resurrection? Everyone knows the origin of the Easter celebration and the resurrection of Christ but to many Easter is just a holiday or an excuse to eat chocolate. Whatever your beliefs or thoughts about this coming bank holiday it is a time for many to have fun with friends and family or just a well-earned rest. The definition of resurrection is “the act of bringing something that had disappeared or ended back into use or

New Way Of Thinking, New Way Of Life. A Talk By Michael Griffin

You are invited to an evening with Michael, to hear an inspirational talk on how to create a new way of life by changing the way you think. Michael will introduce BST, a new life model that updates old beliefs for today’s modern way of living. If you feel trapped and want to break free, have lost your mojo, or want to plunge into a new life this talk is for you. Have you tried everything and are still stuck? Come

Honesty And Truth

These two items in the physical world, are not the same thing. People often believe that because someone is being honest then it must be true. However that is not always the case. People can tell you something they honestly believe to be true but that does not make it true. For example someone my honestly believe they have seen a flying saucer or a ghost and whilst they are being honest, without tangible evidence, then it becomes

Relationships, Romance And Your Responsibility

Valentines day was a day when you had the opportunity to show your love for someone you secretly fancied. Nowadays whilst that still happens, it is also a time to show your partner that you love them. There are many signs of people responding from love with flowers, chocolates, cards and even special presents. Occasionally some people respond from fear, especially if one person forgets the occasion. However the response of fear can be a sign of better things to come, if

Video Blog: Love Or Fear

Love or Fear provides you with a new way to think and new tools to create the life you dream of. Love or Fear also explains the theory of Binary Selective Thinking, a simple way to become consciously aware of your subconscious minds response ability, that is your ability to respond to the world around you, responses that determine the life you have.

Video Blog: Introduction To BST

After the publishing of his new book “Love or Fear” Michael explains the importance of understanding the two ways you can respond in life. Being consciously aware of your response ability enables you to take control of your life and to create the life you dream of. This is all explained in his new book “Love or Fear”.

Words And Your Response Ability

The word is a small part of communication and yet there is a perception that people will argue or even kill over words. In reality it is the beliefs attached to words that people fight over. You see the word and feel the belief you attach to it. Rather than arguing about which word you use, it is best to find words that embrace what you feel you are looking at, what’s behind the word. Your listening skill levels will play