It is not just your intellect that determines the life you have created but also your level of response ability (how you respond to the world around you). Your response ability is linked to your level of emotional intelligence, rather than the knowledge you have acquired.

Your emotional intelligence reflects your attitude and self-belief, which in turn creates your behavior and the life you have. We all have differing levels of emotional intelligence and self-belief. This – not wealth, poverty, education or experience – explains why people have hugely varying life styles and attitudes.

BST quite simply provides the ground for a liberating new way of living that will make sense of your place in today’s world.  Today many peoples world model is still fundamentally based around the division between right and wrong. Wars are fought over which religion is right or wrong and relationships fall apart over the issue as to who was right or wrong.  As we continue to grow physically and emotionally this old model will not be helpful.

BST is based on the fact that we only ever have two ways to respond and explains how we respond at the five levels within ourselves: Physically, Consciously, Subconsciously, Ego and You. By becoming consciously aware of our responses we are able to ensure the response we choose is the best one. At the physical level these responses are seen as being either helpful or unhelpful. Consciously we respond in either a positive or negative manner. Sub-consciously it is estimated we carry out 95% of our daily activity automatically and respond either from Love or Fear programming. Behind this programming are our beliefs and recognising our programmed response we can consciously control it and ultimately the life we create.

This is explained in more detail in “Love or Fear” as are the other two levels of response ability Ego and You.