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The world you live in has been created by your level of response ability, that is your ability to respond to things that happen to you. You only have two ways to respond and that is the basis of Binary Selective Thinking (BST).

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Read Love or Fear

Love or Fear provides a clear understanding of how life works, gives you new life skills and explains how you can create the life you dream of. It helps you to discover the real you, the power you have within you and how to utilise that power to achieve what you dream of.

Love or Fear explains the simple process of Binary Selective Thinking and how, by using it, you will raise your level of response ability. The higher your level of response ability the greater skill you will have to control your life. Have you tried other techniques and not achieved the level of success you aimed for? Love or Fear explains why and shows you how to change that.


“Why do I rate Michael so highly? He’s a man who really cares about people. He is real and acts out of positive integrity. As a coach and enabler he deeply understands how to help people to achieve what they want or need in life. Importantly he is a man of his word, an inspiration to many.”

Jack Russell, Director of PDCInspiration Ltd